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Residents of the small, unincorporated Spartanburg County community of Startex voiced concerns Thursday night about several properties being annexed into the nearby city of Wellford. About 60 people.

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How an E-Bike Got Me Riding Again After 20 Years – Now, at 31, I desperately want to be part of the new wave of cyclists whizzing around my home of Spartanburg, South Carolina.

I made it two miles in 30 minutes. Every morning I got up and put in.

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KIDNEY SMART: Jan. 5, 2-3:30.

10 McDowell St., Asheville. This free class focuses on topics such as causes of chronic kidney disease and how kidneys function. It also provides valuable information.

Kim Anne Pickett is a family nurse practitioner at Medical Group of the Carolinas (endocrinology), Spartanburg.

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