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i let my BLOOD TYPE pick my foods for 3 daysHigh dose vitamin C can cure Ebola virus disease? Not so fast.

– Think Max Gerson and his “50 cases.” Think Cantron/Entelev/Procell. The list goes on. The biggest of these is the 60 patients with polio whom Klenner allegedly cured with his massive doses of vitamin.

Naturopathy mixes homeopathy, TCM, herbalism, diet woo, and just about every other form of quackery.

For instance, in 1923, Lu Xun realized that "Chinese doctors are no more than a type of swindler.

Usually, drugs have to pass exacting testing by the Food and Drug Administration before they go on the market. There’s a good reason for this: we don’t want people spending money on products that.

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Or did it happen at the turn of the century, when super foods became more magical than super heroes? When did women start policing themselves, and each other? Do we really believe that self-control.

How Much Sodium Per Day On Keto Decker Sanilac Many comfort food fads have come and gone over the last 50-plus years. Some former favorites, like Salisbury steak and cheese fondue, have fallen out of favor, but others have