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THE ATTACK PHASE Dr Dukan says this initial short, sharp shock stage of the diet, which your FREE recipe cards cover.

and a key element that differentiates it from the tough no-carb Atkins regime.

Forget calorie counting, drinkorexia or (f)Atkins. A truly successful ‘diet’ is one that is.

Best of all, I don’t feel guilty or full of self-loathing – even when I’ve had a 500g sirloin steak on.

Don’t count calories, it’ll just make you FATTER! Which foods really make us fat? – A chocolate bar and steak might have had the same value in the old system.

a low carbohydrate diet based on the Atkins approach (cutting carbs to 10 per cent of total calories) and a low glycaemic.

It’s similar to the Atkins diet in that it requires the user to eat protein-rich foods, but different because it follows a low-fat approach by discouraging butter and oil. Dr Dukan admits he has had.

Before you start bashing, know your target. Opinions are like – well, you know what – everyone has one. Me, I’m just looking for a recipe, pretty simple. If you need some background on me, my MOS was.

And the Atkins diet may be set for a resurgence after scientists found swapping bread and potatoes for fried breakfasts and steaks actually can help you lose weight. A high-protein diet has been found.

Nutrition : How to Start the Atkins DietDiet destinations – But choose your holiday carefully and you can stick to your chosen eating regime and maximise weight-loss, says STEPHANIE RAFANELLI Chubby carnivores jumped for joy when Dr Atkins unveiled.


It may sound similar to Atkins, but the Dukan Diet is very different.

Lunch: Crab sticks, chicken leg, poached salmon fillets or pepper steak with egg custard* for pudding. snack: one non-fat.