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From the birth of Lord Ganesha to the depiction of Ganesh’s voracious appetite at Kuber’s feast, almost every funny event from his childhood has been portrayed in the film.

Everything You Need to Know About the Keto DietExercise and eat healthy — or whatever you want – Vegans, vegetarians, paleo, keto, are just a few of the ways people watch what they.

People who have been sick and haven’t gotten their appetite back. That totally should be my business. I could.

And it works fast. Each cycle of KEN strips up to 10 per cent of body weight in just ten days, without, apparently, causing any loss of muscle, and without causing hunger. Not eating for ten days.

Bonus: Some research shows a daily multivitamin can help with weight loss and weight maintenance over time, and can even help control appetite.

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The cost of Katrina Kaif’s pink dress will burn a hole.

The ketogenic diet plan explained, including what followers can and cannot eat – The ketogenic diet is a low carb, high fat eating plan that forces the.

Women share their no-nonsense weight-loss secrets – and it really DOES come down to willpower Women from all over the world.

But first, now in the news, violence flared again in parts of France last night, although there were fewer clashes with police. It is the 13th straight night of violence. Leon’s subway system, the.

Researchers have identified a brain receptor that appears to play a central role in regulating appetite. The findings could lead to new drugs for preventing or treating obesity. Researchers at.

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